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Building ClojureScript Libraries: Google Closure and Challenges of a Young Language
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by Creighton Kirkendall on Sep 28, 2012 |

Creighton Kirkendall introduces Google Closure Tools and the challenges writing a ClojureScript library.


Creighton Kirkendall has been working in Java web technologies since 1997 and played an executive role for a brief period of time with an MBA to prove it. In the end, it turned out that a techie nerd doesn't make a happy executive. About a year and half ago, Creighton fell in love with Clojure and has since teamed up with Carin Meier to start the Cincinnati Functional Programmers Group (cincfp).

Clojure/West is a new conference bringing the Clojure community together to discuss techniques, tools, and the state of the Clojure ecosystem March 16-17th for three tracks of sessions. Prior to the conference, register for three days of training by the Clojure experts.

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