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Cloud Computing and SOA



Dave Chappell introduces cloud computing to an SOA audience discussing how to make good use of grid computing and cloud computing to implement the next generation of SOA initiatives and presenting two case studies: Credit Suisse building Java PaaS on WebLogic and showing how to build an Oracle virtual appliance on Rackspace.


David Chappell is VP and chief technologist for SOA at Oracle, where he is driving the vision for Oracle's SOA Grid initiative. He has written “Enterprise Service Bus” published by O'Reilly, 2004, and has contributed patterns to the book SOA Design Patterns pertaining to SOA grid technology.

About the conference

The International SOA Symposium is a yearly event that features the top SOA experts and authors from around the world, providing a series of keynotes, talks, demonstrations, panels, and SOA training and certification workshops - all with an emphasis on realizing SOA in the real world.

Recorded at:

May 20, 2010