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Computing Strategy in the Cloud Era



Lew Moorman is an advocate of the cloud. For him the Cloud is a movement and a technology, the Cloud is for everyone but not for everything, and the Cloud should be part of a computing strategy.


Lew Moorman is the President and Chief Strategy Officer of Rackspace Hosting, Inc. He drives the corporate strategic planning, new business initiatives and product development of Rackspace Managed Hosting Corporation strategic partnerships. Before joining Rackspace, he served in several positions at the strategic consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

About the conference

Glue is the only conference devoted solely to solving the web application integration problem-set. People that should attend Glue include the architects, developers, administrators and integrators that have moved past the initial step of seeing the web as a platform, and are facing the real-world challenges of what "stove-piped" web applications mean for their overall strategy. Glue is about all of bits and pieces, APIs and meta-data, standards and connectors that will help us to glue together the varying applications of the new platform.

Recorded at:

Sep 23, 2009