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Collaboration: At the Extremities of Extreme
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| by Jason Ayers Follow 0 Followers on Feb 09, 2012 |

Jason Ayers share the observations he made watching a team of developers collaborating in real time on the same code base, pushing XP, pair programming and continuous integration to their extremes.


Jason Ayers has 20 years working with Smalltalk and Agile techniques, and is currently looks after the Smalltalk business in Europe and Africa for Cincom.

Agile Cambridge 2011 is for anyone who wants to successfully apply or learn more about Adopting and evolving agile approaches; Agile software development; Agile product management; Agile testing; DevOps/Agile Operations; User experience and design in an agile world; Agile technical communications; Coaching and mentoring agile teams; Leadership; Tool and technology adoption; Distributed agile teams. The focus throughout the event is on sharing practical experience of these topics, in a range of sessions from beginner to expert.