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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Combinatorrent - Writing Haskell Code for Fun and Profit

Combinatorrent - Writing Haskell Code for Fun and Profit



Jesper Louis Andersen presents a case study of a BitTorrent client written in Haskell based on reusable patterns, drawing conclusions on what is great and not so great in Haskell and comparing it with a similar Erlang client.


Jesper Louis Andersen is a Danish programming language geek who is now heading up the Erlang Solutions Copenhagen office. He is the principal programmer and leader of two open source projects, implementing the BitTorrent Peer-to-peer content distribution protocol in Haskell and Erlang respectively.

About the conference

These conferences are explosions of enthusiasm. They have become the meeting place for people who want to build large scale systems that never stop.

Recorded at:

Aug 27, 2012