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Coming Out of Your Shell: Using UX Workshops to Your Advantage in a Techie/Scientific Setting
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| by Jenny Cham on Mar 29, 2012 |

Jenny Cham teaches how to plan workshops having a technical or scientific audience in order to impress the audience, get feedback and get the best results.

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Dr Jenny Cham is a biochemist-turned-UX Analyst and is based at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) in Hinxton, Cambridge. Since 2009, she has conceptualized and delivered 18 UX-related workshops for the EBI, ranging from project-specific sessions to blue-sky creative brainstorming workshops taking place in Europe, USA and Australia. She facilitates technical/scientific workshops.

UX Cambridge 2011 is organised by Software Acumen, based in Cambridge, England. We specialize in practical events for the software community.The event programme includes over 20 scheduled sessions from experienced UX practitioners as well as an 'open space' stream for unscheduled sessions from participants.