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Concurrent Programming with Microsoft F#



In this session recorded at QCon London 2009, Amanda Laucher presents a real life enterprise application written in F#. She shows actual code snippets, explaining design decisions and suggesting how to use some of the F# constructs. The focus is placed on using concurrency.


Amanda Laucher is a software developer/architect focusing on Microsoft technologies. She is currently based in Columbus, OH and working with The Sophic Group.

About the conference

QCon is a conference that is organized by the community, for the community.The result is a high quality conference experience where a tremendous amount of attention and investment has gone into having the best content on the most important topics presented by the leaders in our community. QCon is designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers.

Recorded at:

Jun 28, 2009

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Community comments

  • Good Talk

    by Adron Hall,

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    Attended your session at ALT.NET, good to see you on InfoQ too. Excellent use case - enjoyed the presentation.

  • Tanks so mutch for this presentation

    by Anders Persson,

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    A lot of times, new language are presented for them self, eg just syntax, rules etc.
    This presentation was better becurse it show in real life what can be done with F#,
    it open my eyes for F# as an tool for the future.

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p