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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Core.logic and SQL Killed my ORM

Core.logic and SQL Killed my ORM



Craig Brozefsky presents the tradeoffs involved with moving to a purely SQL relational model, instead of using an ORM, along with some of the tools built to facilitate this.


Craig Brozefsky (@cbrozefsky) has been hacking lisp web apps since before the turn of the century, first in Common Lisp and now Clojure. He currently works for ThreatGRID Inc as a senior research engineer for their malware analysis and intelligence product.

About the conference

Clojure/West is the newest conference creation from Alex Miller (aka @puredanger). Alex has been running the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis since 2009, smashing together the worlds of functional and dynamic programming languages, concurrency, distributed systems, web and mobile. Since early 2010, Alex has also been part of a team using Clojure at Revelytix.

Recorded at:

Aug 15, 2013