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Rob Chipperfield compares several platforms and solutions for building cross-platform mobile applications: Titanium, Sencha, PhoneGap, and Nomad.


Rob Chipperfield is a software engineer at Red Gate, where he works on tools for software professionals. He was part of the team that grew into the largest controls marketplace for iOS developers. Rob now focuses on Red Gate's latest mobile product, Nomad, bringing cross-platform mobile app development to Visual Studio.

About the conference

Mobile phones are ubiquitous and, since 2007, millions of us have changed our habits to use applications on our smartphones. We can find & download new applications immediately and even discard them a few minutes later. Some of us are involved in creating and testing these applications. This keynote provides a primer on ways to test mobile phone applications, both interactively and using test automation. We will cover the full software lifecycle; from creation to user-feedback for installed & web-based mobile applications.

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Sep 18, 2012