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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Mono and C++ - Updates from the Interoperability World

Mono and C++ - Updates from the Interoperability World



Andreia Gaita introduces Cxxi, a Mono C# - C++ interoperability framework meant to make instantiating C++ objects, invoking methods, sub-classing classes and other similar operations easier.


Andreia Gaita is a member of the Mono project team. For the last four years she has been working on several different areas of the Mono project, from implementing Winforms and gluezilla to embedding browser engines and bindings. Currently, she spends her time hacking on Moonlight, maintaining browser bindings and working with her SoC student to improve C++ support on Mono.

About the conference

Monospace provides developers a unique look at running their applications across all the platforms using Microsoft's .NET Framework by focusing on the Mono framework and open source .NET technologies. We will start with 2 days of talks and sessions, aiming to teach the attendees about the various technologies and innovations that currently exists. We will then end with a one day open space unconference where dialogs and conversations will help kick start the next wave of open source projects that will help the community remain competitive.

Recorded at:

Mar 13, 2012