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Domain-Driven Design with Clojure



Amit Rathore shares advice in building large scale applications in Clojure, making sure the code is readable and maintainable.


Amit Rathore (@amitrathore) is CEO, Zolo Labs, a new Clojure/Datomic/Storm startup. Their first product is Zolodeck: a personal digital assistant for professional networking. Amit is the author of Clojure in Action, and also Chief Technologist at Runa, another Clojure-based big-data startup that uses machine learning, predictive modeling, and real-time targeted offers to increase eCommerce sales.

About the conference

Clojure/West is the newest conference creation from Alex Miller (aka @puredanger). Alex has been running the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis since 2009, smashing together the worlds of functional and dynamic programming languages, concurrency, distributed systems, web and mobile. Since early 2010, Alex has also been part of a team using Clojure at Revelytix.

Recorded at:

May 27, 2013