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Dynamo: Theme and Variations



Shanley Kane discusses Dynamo - consistent hashing, vector clocks, hinted handoff, gossip protocol - advances in each area, and how querying and application development has changed as a result of them.


Shanley Kane is Director of Product Management at Basho. Basho makes Riak, an open source, distributed database based on principles from Amazon's Dynamo paper. Previously, she worked at Apigee on the developer tools product team. She is a community organizer, advocate of women in technology, and an alum of Carnegie Mellon University.

About the conference

Software is changing the world; QCon aims to empower software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the enterprise software development community; to achieve this, QCon is organized as a practitioner-driven conference designed for people influencing innovation in their teams: team leads, architects, project managers, engineering directors.

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Apr 15, 2013

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Community comments


    by Cameron Purdy,

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    I wonder if the speaker realizes the irony of mistakenly using the Oracle Exalogic machine as the "straw man" in her presentation. While she suggests that Exalogic is for running the Oracle database, a 10 second Google search would have clued her in that Exadata is the Oracle database machine.

    Exalogic, on the other hand, was built to run middleware like Oracle Coherence (see ), which is the HA elastic scale-out K/V & document NoSQL data store that predates Dynamo by several years, dynamically scales to many terabytes of in-memory data, and (speaking of latency) is around 3 orders of magnitude faster than the numbers that were published about Dynamo.



    Cameron Purdy | Oracle
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