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Elm: Making the Web Functional
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| by Evan Czaplicki on Nov 28, 2012 |

Evan Czaplicki introduces Elm, a functional reacting programming language meant to replace HTML/CSS/JavaScript, optimized for creating web GUIs, supporting complex user input and avoiding callbacks.

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Evan Czaplicki has recently graduated from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science, and he’s taking a break before starting as a software engineer at Google. He is interested in making programming more accessible: easier to use and understand. His goals have been influenced both by a formal study of programming languages and practical experiences as an intern at Google and Microsoft.

As new problems in computing arise, new languages are being created to help tackle those problems. We want to bring together programming language creators, researchers, and enthusiasts to share goals, experiences, and challenges. Our goal is advancing the state of the art in programming language design and implementation.