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Embracing Variability



Don Reinertsen proposes addressing uncertainty not by considering it harmful nor by embracing it but by efficiently reducing it in the context of the economic laws governing the software dev process.


Don Reinertsen is the President of Reinertsen & Associates, a consulting firm specialized in the management of product development. He has taught courses at Caltech for 14 years and is the author/co-author of three best-selling books: Developing Products in Half the Time, Managing the Design Factory, and The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development.

About the conference

For the second time we are launching the GOTO Copenhagen conference in May 2012 after a successful execution in 2011. GOTO Aarhus has been an annual event in Denmark since 1996 and attracts more than 1200 participants (formerly known as JAOO). The target audience for GOTO conferences are software developers, IT architects and project managers.

Recorded at:

Sep 21, 2012

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Community comments

  • Embracing variability

    by maninder batth,

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    This has to be one of the most educative talk i have heard in some time. Finally, a reason to believe in scrum

  • Science

    by Bob G,

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    It is hard to sale Agile methodologies to VP's in big corporations with terms like 'Poker Planing', '2 Pizza's Team Size', etc

    M. Reinertsen brings a lot of scientific background and terminology in the Agile space. I strongly recommend M. Reinertsen books.

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