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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Factories-in-the-Small: Raytheon Experiences using the Software Factories Methodologies

Factories-in-the-Small: Raytheon Experiences using the Software Factories Methodologies



John Slaby and Jezz Santos explain how Raytheon has created Factories-in-the-Small useful to rapidly build new tooling such as the Pattern Automation Toolkit developed in cooperation with Microsoft.


John Slaby is a Software Architect with Raytheon, being Chief Engineer for Aspen, a jointly-funded, jointly-staffed applied research program with Microsoft bringing Software Factories to Raytheon Jezz Santos is a Principal Product Development Consultant with Microsoft, specialized in .NET Product Development Architecture, Agile Development Practices, High Software Productivity Tooling and Reuse.

About the conference

The Code Generation conference is Europe's leading event on Domain-Specific Languages, Model-Driven Software Development and Language Workbenches. The event has a strong practical focus on sharing experiences of what does and doesn't work.

Recorded at:

Sep 15, 2011

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