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Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages



Philip Wadler discusses second-order quantification, from its inception in the symbolic logic of Frege through to the generic features introduced in Java 5, touching on aspects of faith and evolution.


Philip Wadler is Professor of Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. He is an ACM Fellow and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, past holder of a Royal Society-Wolfson Research Merit Fellowship, and currently serves as Chair of ACM SIGPLAN. He is a winner of the POPL Most Influential Paper Award and contributed to the designs of Haskell, Java, and XQuery.

About the conference

Software is changing the world; QCon aims to empower software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the enterprise software development community; to achieve this, QCon is organized as a practitioner-driven conference designed for people influencing innovation in their teams: team leads, architects, project managers, engineering directors.

Recorded at:

Aug 06, 2012

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Community comments

  • Fantastic talk

    by Tim Williams,

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    From one of the giants of programming language design - highly interesting and entertaining. Should have been a keynote.

  • Re: Fantastic talk

    by Alexander Shopov,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    I absolutely agree, the talk was interesting and very entertaining. Philip is shouting from time to time, but if I did indeed understand all of those issues - I'd shout myself as well. I never knew he had a book on Java Generics, will look into it.

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