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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Extreme Cleverness: Functional Data Structures in Scala

Extreme Cleverness: Functional Data Structures in Scala



Daniel Spiewak shows how to create immutable data that supports structural sharing, such as: Singly-linked List, Banker’s Queue, 2-3 Finger Tree, Red-Black Tree, Patricia Trie, Bitmapped Vector Trie.


Daniel Spiewak is a software developer based out of Wisconsin, USA. Over the years, he has worked with Java, Scala, Ruby, C/C++, ML, Clojure and several experimental languages. He currently spends most of his free time researching parser theory and methodologies, particularly areas where the field intersects with functional language design, domain-specific languages and type theory.

About the conference

Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that aims to bring together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow's technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, mobile development, and the web.

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Dec 14, 2011