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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Rewriting GitHub Pages with Riak and Webmachine

Rewriting GitHub Pages with Riak and Webmachine



Jesse Newland discusses how GitHub pages were re-written with Erlang, Riak and Webmachine in order to improve their performance.


Jesse Newland is an Ops Engineer at GitHub that enjoys sneaking Erlang and Riak into the stack in any way he can. When he's not writing Erlang, he's managing GitHub's rapidly growing infrastructure. Formerly of Rails Machine and Webster Clay, Jesse has designed and managed infrastructure and data storage strategies for a handful of large scale web applications. Twitter: @jnewland

About the conference

This year’s Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2012 had an A-list sell-out line-up of speakers which included Erlang Inventors Mike Williams and Robert Virding discussing software approaches used in the industry and the unique features of the Erlang VM and a Keynote talk from Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation.

Recorded at:

Dec 18, 2012