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Building High Performing Agile Teams



Naveed Khawaja and Carl Bruiners introduce various Agile principles and practices and conduct a hands-on practice session meant to explain how to build a performing team.


Naveed Khawaja, over the past decade, has helped major players in the verticals including manufacturing, finance, public/ civil service, energy, utilities and telecom. Carl Bruiners has been on an agile education journey; working for SME’s and large corporations with the view of exposing himself to various unique environments to help him further his expertise on practical application of agile.

About the conference

Agile Cambridge is THE learning and collaborating conference for Agile and Lean practitioners in the East of England. The event also draws participants from across the country, mainland Europe and further afield. It is one of the most successful Agile conferences in the UK.

Recorded at:

Dec 28, 2012