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Industrial Strength Groovy
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| by Paul King Follow 0 Followers on Mar 19, 2010 |

Paul King presents some of the tools helping one programming in Groovy: Cobertura - code coverage, CodeNarc - code style, EasyB - acceptance tests, GroovyDoc – documentation, GroovyMock/Spock - mocking and testing, Hudson - CI builds, Maven/Ant/Gant/Gradle - build files, OSGi – bundles, and Spring/Guice - dependency injection.


Paul King leads ASERT, an organization providing software development, training and mentoring services. He has been a contributor to open source projects for nearly 20 years and is an active committer on numerous projects including Groovy. King speaks at international conferences, publishes in software magazines and journals, and is a co-author of Manning's best-seller: Groovy in Action.

SpringOne 2GX is an annual event; it includes a technical exploration of the Spring ecosystem along with the latest developments in the Groovy/Grails space. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to attend two great events at one venue. Whether you're a Spring enthusiast, Tomcat user, Groovy/Grails fan, or just interested in open source development, you'll find valuable content in sessions presented here