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Driving Towards An Agile Culture



Lawrence Ludlow and Susan Smart organize a panel to answer questions related to introducing Agile into organizations, trying to find out the actions, impediments and benefits of such an endeavor.


Lawrence Ludlow is a project manager, team lead and business architect at Intelliware Development. Lawrence is a Director and co-founder of the Toronto Agile Community, and for the past 8 years has managed the XP/Agile Toronto Community Group. Susan Smart is the Director of Marketing for Intelliware. She has been in leadership roles in the areas of Marketing and Communications for over 15 years.

About the conference

AGILE TORONTO This popular conference has sold out each year, providing attendees and sponsors with numerous opportunities to benefit from this lively, informative and interactive event.This year we are growing the conference to be the largest yet - moving to a larger venue and increasing capacity to meet the large demand. As a result, Agile Tour Toronto ’12 will now feature even more interactive sessions, workshops and plenty of opportunities to network than ever. Whether you are new to Agile or have a lot of experience, this conference promises to deliver value to all levels of expertise. For business audiences, you will gain key insights and learning on the practical implementation of Agile methodologies within companies. For practitioners, you’ll find out about the latest developments, tools and methodologies.

Recorded at:

Jan 13, 2013