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Introduction to OWIN and Gate
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| by Benjamin van der Veen Follow 0 Followers on Feb 28, 2012 |

Benjamin van der Veen introduces OWIN, a web server-web apps interface, and Gate, a library supporting development with OWIN.


Benjamin van der Veen is a UX Designer at Emma where he designs and builds decidedly user-focused software by day, and by night, he hacks on Kayak, a decidedly developer-focused C# network library. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Monospace provides developers a unique look at running their applications across all the platforms using Microsoft's .NET Framework by focusing on the Mono framework and open source .NET technologies. We will start with 2 days of talks and sessions, aiming to teach the attendees about the various technologies and innovations that currently exists. We will then end with a one day open space unconference where dialogs and conversations will help kick start the next wave of open source projects that will help the community remain competitive.