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Interoperable JavaScript-Based Client/Server Web Applications
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| by Kris Zyp Follow 0 Followers on Dec 22, 2009 |

Kris Zyp on protocols, standards, and tools for building web applications using a consistent JavaScript model from storage to server application to browser. He exemplifies with DOJO and Persevere. Key topics: JavaScript, JSON, REST.


Kris Zyp is a member of the OpenAjax Alliance steering committee and represents the Dojo Foundation on the EcmaScript (TC-39) committee. He is the lead developer of the Persevere project, a server-side JavaScript and JSON storage framework, and the JSON Schema specification. Kris is also an active contributor to projects like Dojo Toolkit, JSON-RPC, ServerJS API, and a RESTful JSON protocol.

JSConf 2009 is a conference devoted to the programming language we all love to hate and hate to love, JavaScript. This is conference will be thoughtful, content driven, and exemplify the very nature of JavaScript. The core focus of this conference is to expose some of the details about JavaScript that are often overlooked and present them more as a discussion with the audience. The content of the conference should cater to all types of JavaScript users from client interfaces to server development to testing. No matter which programming language you love, you know of the pleasure and pain of JavaScript programming.