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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language For Technical Computing

Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language For Technical Computing



Stefan Karpinski and Jeff Bezanson introduce Julia, a Mathlab-like dynamic language with a sophisticated parametric type system supporting multiple dispatch.


Stefan Karpinski is one of the co-creators and developers of the Julia language. He is an applied mathematician and data scientist by trade, having worked at Akamai, Citrix Online, and Etsy, but currently is employed as a researcher at MIT. Jeff Bezanson is a core developer of the Julia language. Before, he was a principal developer of M#, an implementation of the MATLAB language running on .NET.

About the conference

Why a conference on emerging programming languages? As new problems in computing arise, new languages are being created to help tackle those problems. We want to bring together programming language creators, researchers, and enthusiasts to share goals, experiences, and challenges. Our goal is advancing the state of the art in programming language design and implementation.

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Nov 07, 2012