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Keynote: MythBusters 2.0 - Mission Critical Cloud Computing @ NASA



Khawaja Shams presents how NASA’s JPL uses cloud computing, and evaluates some of the existing cloud computing myths in the MythBusters style.


Khawaja Shams is a member of the Operations Planning Software (OPS) Lab at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He manages the Data Services team in the Planning and Execution Section. He leads several software projects, and he serves as the Cognizant Engineer of server side components for the Activity Planning and Sequencing Subsystem (APSS) for the Mars Science Laboratory.

About the conference

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Recorded at:

Jul 26, 2012

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Community comments

  • Cloud Computing is not for Super Computing

    by Felix Gessert /

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    I heard a talk about scientific high performance computing (HPC) at NASA at the Science Cloud Workshop in Delft this year. The conclusions of the guys evaluating Amazon HPC for NASA ist this [1]: Amazon HPC is cool, but not good enough for NASA (yet). One of the reasons is, that Amazon uses 10 Gigabit Ethernet (latency ~60us) wheras the NASA Supercomputer uses Infiniband network technology(latency ~2us).
    So if even the NASA HPC guys think that Amazon HPC isn't ready for them yet, it is definitely not just a myth.


  • Eucalyptus Systems reference !

    by John Donnelly /

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    We are proud that Eucalyptus Systems is being used by NASA !

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