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Planning with a Large Distributed Team



In this presentation filmed during Agile 2008, Wes Williams and Mike Stout share their recent experience with a large distributed team, the planning hurdles they encountered and how they passed them, and their recommendation: avoid large distributed teams.


Wes Williams has been a developer since 1993, works at Sabre Holding since 2001 and has been an Agile Coach and mentor on several projects since 2003. Mike Stout is an Agile Coach, Mentor and Trainer that works at Sabre. He has 18 years of experience in the IT industry spanning many aspects of software development.

About the conference

Agile 2008 is an exciting international industry conference that presents the latest techniques, technologies, attitudes and first-hand experience, from both a management and development perspective, for successful Agile software development.

Recorded at:

Oct 16, 2008

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  • Is there some word version of these presentations?

    by Brad Shen,

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    Video is 2 slow! We've never open it successfully! Thanks

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