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Letters From The Edge Of An Agile Transition



Chris O'Connor tells the successful story of a team’s transition to Agile in the middle of a major product release, mentioning the difficulties encountered and how they tackled them.


Chris O'Connor started as a video game developer in a small team, learning the Agile values. In the 10 years since transitioning to Agile, he has played the role of consultant, developer, and coach for a number of organizations and teams. He is currently working on a project at the University of Michigan for the Institute for Social Research as a Solution Architect, Lead Developer, and Analyst.

About the conference

SPLASH's mission is to engage software innovators from all walks of life -- developers, academics and undeclared -- in conversations about bettering software. Bettering software involves new ideas about programming languages, tools, conceptual models, and methodologies that can cope with, evolve, and leverage, the complex software-intensive socio-technical system of systems that has emerged in front of our eyes during the past decades. Bettering software requires a deep understanding of the nature of these systems, an understanding that rides on the trends of the moment, but that goes well beyond. These are the topics of SPLASH.

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May 17, 2011