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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Membase NoSQL: Clustered by Erlang

Membase NoSQL: Clustered by Erlang



Sean Lynch and Matt Ingenthron introduce Membase, detailing how they added clustering features in Erlang, what they built and what lessons they leaned along the way.


Sean Lynch wrote SMB and consumer software for a startup that was acquired by McAfee, then joined Linden Lab, where he was responsible for the scaling of Second Life. He holds 7 software patents. Matt Ingenthron is a web architect working at Couchbase. He was a Principal Technologist with Sun working with some of the largest web properties in the United States, China, Japan and Korea.

About the conference

The Erlang Factory is an event that focuses on Erlang - the computer language that was designed to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft-realtime applications with requirements for high availability and high concurrency. The main part of the Factory is the conference - a two-day collection of focused subject tracks with an enormous opportunity to meet the best minds in Erlang and network with experts in all its uses and applications.

Recorded at:

Sep 12, 2011