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Using RESTful Web Services and Cloud Computing for Next-Generation Mobile Applications
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| by Jason H. Christensen Follow 0 Followers on Sep 10, 2010 |

Jason H. Christensen presents the evolution of mobile devices, how to get around limitations by integrating mobile systems with the cloud and make use of RESTful services, what is a basic mobile architecture and how it can be implemented.


Jason H. Christensen has over 15 years of industry experience as a software developer, software architect, and technical strategist. He is Co-Founder of Intelligence In Motion. Jason has presented at over 6 conferences on the combination of mobile and cloud computing, including 2009 OOPSLA, and Cloud Bootcamp.

Starting in 1986, OOPSLA Conference has proven to be the cradle of many techniques and methodologies that have become mainstream over the years: OOP, Patterns, AOP, XP, Unit Testing, UML, Wiki, and Refactoring. Gaining its prestige with 3 academic tracks, OOPSLA Conference has managed to attract researchers, educators and developers every year. The event is sponsored by ACM.