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Quora on Mobile: A Product-Centered Approach to Multi-Platform Deployment
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| by Anne Halsall Follow 0 Followers on May 24, 2013 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in London, Mar 4 - 6, 2019. Join us!

Anne Halsall reviews the nearly two-year process of designing, developing, and releasing the official mobile apps for Quora, sharing lessons and advice for creating apps across multiple platforms.


Anne Halsall is an all-purpose software designer who focuses on product strategy, user interface, and front-end development. She is currently working on mobile apps at Palo Alto-based startup Quora, and has previously hung her hat at Inkling and Google. Improbably, she has a BA in East Asian Language and Culture from UIUC and has attended the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora.

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