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Natural Laws of Software Development - Deriving Agile Practices
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by on Aug 17, 2008 |

In this presentation filmed during Agile 2008, Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson derive Agile practices from the natural laws of software development. They don't just say "Be Agile!", but they explain why Agile practices make perfect sense in the software development world.


Ron Jeffries, an independent consultant in XP and Agile methods, was the on-site coach for the original XP project, authored Extreme Programming Adventures in C# and other books. Chet Hendrickson is an independent Agile/XP consultant. He wrote Extreme Programming Installed.

Agile 2008 is an exciting international industry conference that presents the latest techniques, technologies, attitudes and first-hand experience, from both a management and development perspective, for successful Agile software development.

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