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Reformulating the Product Delivery Process



Israel Gat, Erik Huddleston and Stephen Chin present how Inovis realized a higher product throughput by using three Kanban practices – Stakeholder-based Investment Themes and Business Case Management, Upstream and Downstream WIP Limits, Dynamic Allocations – and a Lean Release Management tool called APROPOS, or Agile Project Portfolio Scheduler.


Israel Gat is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Agile Product & Project Management practice. He is recognized as the architect of the agile transformation at BMC Software. Eric Huddleston is CTO at Inovis where he drives the vision for Inovis products and technology and evangelizing the value of the Inovis offerings to the market. Stephen Chin is Director of SW Engineering at GXS.

About the conference

Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 — the place to learn about Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban. Understand how established industrial engineering theory can apply to software development process. The conference will assist organizations that depend on software – from start-ups to those that build complex, software intensive products, systems & services – with the application of Lean Thinking throughout the enterprise.

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Sep 02, 2010