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Next Generation Mashups



Erik Renaud talks on building mashups with OData and normalized schemas to create solutions for mobiles devices in a distributed Internet and how to deal with existing architectural constraints.


Erik Renaud is a software architect and president of Modelon Solutions, a Montreal company whose mission is to help his partners develop tactical applications. Erik is a certified ScrumMaster, as well as a MVP, which ensures that he can lead teams to success. Finally, he is a renowned international speaker and can be contacted at, or seen anywhere kendo is practiced.

About the conference

DevTeach stands for Developers Teaching Therefore, It is a conference done by developers for developers. These events have all the elements of an international conference with speakers coming from all over the globe but keeping the values we all treasure from local community events. We pride ourselves in offering the biggest diversity of subjects covered in our various sessions. All our sessions provide presentation material to the attendee and whenever possible, hans-on training. DevTeach is not so much a conference as it is a “developer festival.

Recorded at:

Oct 14, 2011