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Agile Development: Overcoming a Short-term Focus in Implementing Best Practices
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| by Karthik Dinakar Follow 0 Followers on Oct 18, 2010 |

Karthik Dinakar presents the case of his team which attempted to be as agile as possible in order to fulfill the short-term goals but missed the long-term ones because some of the Agile best practices were ignored. He tells the story of how his team finally managed to come back on course and which are the practices that he considers as necessary for success.


Karthik Dinakar is a graduate student researching natural language processing, machine learning and commonsense reasoning at the MIT Media Lab's Software Agents group. Prior to coming to MIT, he explored the psychology of software development at Carnegie Mellon University. Dinakar has worked for Yahoo! India R&D and Deutsche Bank and maintains a keen interest in agile development.

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