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Panel: Shogun Showdown
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by Yehuda Katz Jeremy Ashkenas Nick Small Alex MacCaw Igor Minar on Nov 12, 2012 |

Yehuda Katz, Jeremy Ashkenas, Nick Small, Alex MacCaw, and Igor Minar explain what can be done with their JavaScript frameworks, Ember, Batman, Angular, Backbone, Spine.


Yehuda Katz is a member of the Ruby on Rails and JQuery core teams, and lead developer of Merb. Jeremy Ashkenas has created Ruby-Processing, CoffeeScript and Backbone.js. Nick Small is Head of Research at Shopify and creator of Batman.js. Alex MacCaw is a Ruby/JavaScript developer, an O'Reilly writer and OS developer. Igor Minar is a software engineer at Google and co-lead of AngularJS.

Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks is a two day, single-track conference focused on answering the question on every web developer's mind: which framework? We're bringing together the creators of every important client-side .js framework to speak about their creations so that you can decide when to use what.

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