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Security Vulnerabilities for Grown-ups



Vitaly Osipov shares 7 product security lessons learned at Atlassian related to why security incidents happen, what we would like to do about them and what can be done.


Vitaly Osipov, born in Russia, spent the past 14 years working in information security in a number of industries in several European countries and his second home at the other end of the world, in Sydney, Australia. He wrote several books on information security, its offensive and defensive sides, for Syngress/Elsevier. Vitaly works for Atlassian.

About the conference

For the second time we are launching the GOTO Copenhagen conference in May 2012 after a successful execution in 2011. GOTO Aarhus has been an annual event in Denmark since 1996 and attracts more than 1200 participants (formerly known as JAOO). The target audience for GOTO conferences are software developers, IT architects and project managers.

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Sep 14, 2012