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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Case Study: RESTful Web Services at Orbitz

Case Study: RESTful Web Services at Orbitz



Alex Antonov explains why Orbitz needed to ditch Jini and Java serialization in favor of REST and Protocol Buffers. Most of the presentation contains a demo of a sample application using these technologies to handle client-server requests/responses.


Alex joined Orbitz LLC in 2004 and is responsible for providing technical leadership and guidance in the development of foundational technologies, core libraries and APIs for the enterprise-wide use, as well as establishing and maintaining common design principles and standards used within the company and integration of new software development practices within the development community.

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SpringOne 2GX is an annual event; it includes a technical exploration of the Spring ecosystem along with the latest developments in the Groovy/Grails space. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to attend two great events at one venue. Whether you're a Spring enthusiast, Tomcat user, Groovy/Grails fan, or just interested in open source development, you'll find valuable content in sessions presented here.

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Jan 07, 2010