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Rapid and Reliable Releases



Rolf Russell & Andy Duncan discuss how to have rapid and reliable releases from the perspective of build, release, and devops, considering the relationship between the teams involved, the metrics needed to measure the performance achieved, the required skills, and the need to remove waste and bottlenecks.


Rolf Russell is Principal Consultant for Build & Release Management at ThoughtWorks. His experience comes from working with Fortune 1000 companies across many industries. Andy Duncan is a Lead Consultant with ThoughtWorks, and works with clients to improve their Build and Release Management capabilities. He also worked as a Development Manager and Agile and Build & Release Management consultant.

About the conference

ThoughtWorks recently began hosting events for Business and IT Leaders as well as technology practitioners to share insight and best practice across the industry. The briefings and the Exec Breakfast series are all grounded in reality - speakers are active practitioners, passionate about their work. The events focus on technology in relation to business issues, rather than being deeply technical.

Recorded at:

Jun 22, 2010