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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Real World Clojure - Doing Boring Stuff With An Exciting Language

Real World Clojure - Doing Boring Stuff With An Exciting Language



Sean Corfield shows how to use Clojure as a general purpose scripting language for building web applications, tackling persistence, email, internationalization, configuration and environment issues.


Sean Corfield used to build compilers, virtual machines, databases and telecom systems but eventually got a real job building web applications. After eight years of ANSI C++ Standardization and a decade of web development with JVM-based languages, he finally found his first love again - functional programming - and now he writes Clojure almost every day.

About the conference

Clojure/West is a new conference bringing the Clojure community together to discuss techniques, tools, and the state of the Clojure ecosystem March 16-17th for three tracks of sessions. Prior to the conference, register for three days of training by the Clojure experts.

Recorded at:

Jul 30, 2012

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