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Service-Oriented Solution Evaluation Criteria



Paul Mooney attempts to clear up some of the misunderstandings surrounding SOA considering the fact that many implementations are labeled as “SOA” but are not. He does that by describing an SOA journey from establishing a route (characteristics, goals, benefits), planning it (service inventory), making it (service design) and arriving at the destination (measuring success, governance).


Paul Mooney is an Associate of the Irish Institute of Pensions Managers and of the Pensions Management Institute and a director and co-founder of SOA Solutions. In the last thirteen years Paul has founded three software development and consultancy companies, fulfilling the roles of developer, analyst, architect and CEO. He is also an SOA Systems associate and Certified SOA Trainer.

About the conference

The International SOA Symposium is a yearly event that features the top SOA experts and authors from around the world, providing a series of keynotes, talks, demonstrations, panels, and SOA training and certification workshops - all with an emphasis on realizing SOA in the real world.

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Jul 22, 2010