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Rod Johnson SpringOne 2GX Keynote



Rod Johnson talks about what lies ahead for Spring, the new challenges and environment today, 10 years after the first line of Spring code was written. VMware’s plan with Spring is to continue investing in portability, productivity and innovation, making Spring the Java programming model for the cloud, and offering Code2Cloud, an integrated desktop-cloud development environment.


Rod Johnson is the founder of the Spring Framework, an open source project that begun in February 2003, and based on the Interface21 framework published with Johnson's best-selling Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development. Johnson is one of the world's leading authorities on Java and J2EE development.

About the conference

SpringOne 2GX is a collocated event covering the entire Spring ecosystem and Groovy/Grails technologies. SpringOne 2GX is a one-of-a-kind conference for application developers, solution architects, web operations and IT teams who develop, deploy and manage business applications. This is the most important Java event of 2010, especially for anyone using Spring technologies, Groovy & Grails, or Tomcat. Whether you're building and running mission-critical business applications or designing the next killer cloud application, SpringOne 2GX will keep you up to date with the latest enterprise technology.

Recorded at:

Nov 12, 2010

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Community comments

  • Keynote breakdown

    by Adam FitzGerald,

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    • 0.21:20: Christian Dupuis joins Rod on stage to demonstrate brand new capabilities for Grails development using the SpringSource Tool Suite.

    • 0.38:38: Keith Donald provides an overview of the Spring Greenhouse project that show cases the new Spring Social and Spring Mobile.

    • 0.46:15: Rod discusses the changing world of data access and outlines some of new support for noSQL datastores in Spring Data.

    • 0.56:08: Discusses the new Code2Cloud developer service that provides source code repositories, continuous integration and a built-in issue tracker. Mik Kersten from Tasktop provides the demonstration.

    Non-technical: Rod's new car is at 11:01.

  • Spring is a great framework but they are having a hard time innovating

    by Pedro Gonzalez,

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    From my point of view, none of the talks give any important value.

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