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Standard Work and the Lean Enterprise
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| by Alan Chedalawada Follow 0 Followers on Jun 14, 2010 |

Alan Chedalawada discusses Standard Work as a solution for software organizations adopting Lean by discovering and applying the best approaches, by continually improving the standards, by involving everyone in the organization – business, management, technical team – to participate in standards’ improvement, by preserving the knowledge gained over time.


Alan Chedalawada, President of Net Objectives, has over 25 years experience as Director, CIO, CTO, and VP, and has worked with companies like EDS, CA, IBM, AT&T, Calvin Klein and many others from domains like Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technology, Finance, Industry, Energy and Distribution. Alan is a Certified ScrumMaster, and a member of The Indus Entrepreneurs organization.

Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 — the place to learn about Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban. Understand how established industrial engineering theory can apply to software development process. The conference will assist organizations that depend on software – from start-ups to those that build complex, software intensive products, systems & services – with the application of Lean Thinking throughout the enterprise.