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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Swarm Computing - Next Generation Clouds and the Role of SOA

Swarm Computing - Next Generation Clouds and the Role of SOA



Jürgen Kress discusses the current status and the future of cloud computing, and the role of SOA in creating a cloud computing infrastructure, plus some of the cloud offerings existing today.


Jürgen Kress works at EMEA Alliances and Channels, the founder of the Oracle EMEA SOA Partner Community and the global Oracle SOA Partner Advisory Council. With more than 2000 members from all over the world the SOA Partner Community is the most successful and active community at Oracle. Jürgen helps the community with monthly newsletters, webcasts and quarterly events.

About the conference

The International SOA Symposium is a yearly event that features the top SOA experts and authors from around the world, providing a series of keynotes, talks, demonstrations, panels, and SOA training and certification workshops - all with an emphasis on realizing SOA in the real world.

Recorded at:

Mar 10, 2011