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The Roots of Scrum
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by Jeff Sutherland on Sep 20, 2006 |

In a 60-minute JAOO 2005 talk, Scrum creator Dr. Jeff Sutherland covers the history of Scrum from its inception thru his participation with Ken Schwaber in rolling out Scrum to industry, to its impact at Easel, Fuji-Xerox, Honda, WildCard, Lexus, Google. He looks at Scrum types A, B and "all at once" type C, and confirms the humorous rumour that Kent Beck "stole" Scrum practices when creating XP.


Dr. Jeff Sutherland has been VP/CTO of 9 software product companies, most recently PatientKeeper, a top vendor in the mobile/wireless healthcare market. He is an Agile Manifesto signatory and a Certified Scrum Trainer. In 1993 he ran the first Scrum at Easel, and has been a Scrum consultant to Microsoft, Yahoo, Ariba, Cadence, Adobe, GE Healthcare, and M3 Media Services.

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