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Arya Asemanfar presents Twitter’s timeline architecture, the entire sequence of steps a tweet goes through until it reaches the timeline of each user following the person who tweeted.


Arya Asemanfar is the lead of the Timelines team at Twitter, responsible for the architecture and implementation of the scalable systems that create the core of the Twitter experience: the users' timelines. His team manages the display and construction of the timeline as well as the development models around them for easy integration of timelines into other services.

About the conference

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Recorded at:

Apr 24, 2012

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Community comments

  • slides flicker

    by paul iannazzo,

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    really hard on the eyes :(

  • Precache slides?

    by Rishikesh Parkhe,

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    Yes, its impossible to follow the presentation and the talk due to flickering of slides. It will be great if the next (2/3) slides or the next 1 min slides were cached... (buffered)

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