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InfoQ Homepage Presentations A New Generation of Anti-Pattern: Self-Diagnosis As Solution

A New Generation of Anti-Pattern: Self-Diagnosis As Solution



Raji Bhamidipati discusses how to recognize anti-patterns in Agile practices, and how to promote the idea that self-checking and diagnosis is better for prevention.


Raji Bhamidipati has worked primarily in testing and has now become a Scrum Master. She brings expertise and experience from both roles. She helps build outstanding Agile teams. Raji has been a conference speaker for a couple of years. Raji currently works as an Agile Coach for Sainsbury’s. She blogs at:

About the conference

Many thanks for attending Aginext 2019, it has been amazing! We are now processing all your feedback and preparing the 2020 edition of Aginext the 19/20 March 2020. We will have a new website in a few Month but for now we have made Blind Tickets available on Eventbrite, so you can book today for Aginext 2020.

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Aug 07, 2019

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