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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Applying the Agile Mindset to Tough Business Challenges

Applying the Agile Mindset to Tough Business Challenges



Shane Hastie examines the underlying drivers and motivation for adopting Agile, explores what an Agile mindset actually means and shows how to apply the ideas embodied in the Agile Manifesto.


Shane Hastie leads SoftEd's Agile Practice. SoftEd is a training and consulting company working all around the world. Shane's passionate about helping organizations and teams adopt Agile practices. Shane is offering training, consulting, mentoring and support for organizations and teams working to improve their project outcomes. He is a Director of the Agile Alliance and an editor for

About the conference

Agile Tour Singapore 2015 is a two-day technology and business conference for managers, executives, developers, coaches and consultants who want to collaborate and learn from local agile practitioners about Agile experiences in Singapore and the region. You will find the finest knowledge, resources and people at Agile Tour Singapore 2015.

Recorded at:

Feb 17, 2016