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The Agile PMO: Real Time Governance



The PMO needs to be aware of how well each project is performing at any given time. Agile practices give transparency, with clear reporting of what’s done, its cost, and how well constructed it is. Learn how you can create a real-time governance capability that anticipates challenges, makes timely course corrections, and seizes opportunities to maximize the business impact of IT investments.


Ross Pettit has nearly 20 years experience in IT. A former COO, Managing Director, and CTO, he brings extensive experience managing distributed development operations and global consulting companies. Jane Robarts is a Principal Consultant and Program Manager with over 12 years experience with software delivery. Jane has focused primarily on distributed delivery and organizational improvements.

About the conference

ThoughtWorks recently began hosting events for Business and IT Leaders as well as technology practitioners to share insight and best practice across the industry. The briefings and the Exec Breakfast series are all grounded in reality - speakers are active practitioners, passionate about their work. The events focus on technology in relation to business issues, rather than being deeply technical.

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Oct 09, 2009