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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Heart of Agile Is in Your Local Primary School

The Heart of Agile Is in Your Local Primary School



Richard Weissel advises Agile organizations to spend some time understanding what it is that makes the classroom environment a classic example of collaborative working based on trust and respect.


Richard Weissel is currently a Senior Developer at REA group, where his role has evolved to architecture, mentoring and coaching within a distributed Agile team. After 20 years in IT, he took on a masters of primary teaching, followed by 12 months teaching grade 2 in Melbourne. This was followed by 18 months volunteering in Cambodia, building a Blood Bank Management System (2013-2015).

About the conference

Bringing together technology leaders from across Australia, the Agile Australia 2016 audience is a mixture of project and team leaders, coaches, software developers, testers, business analysts and the executive managers from the biggest enterprises to the youngest startups.

Recorded at:

Oct 18, 2016