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InfoQ Homepage Presentations How we Have run Agile Tour Osaka?

How we Have run Agile Tour Osaka?



Yasuo Hosotani presents how the Agile Tour Osaka has been organized without face-to-face or online meetings but only by using “Like” on Facebook.


Yasuo Hosotani is the organizer for Agile Tour Osaka in Japan since 2010. He has been active in the Agile communities in Japan for more than ten years. He was XPJUG Kansai leader until 2008 to 2011. (XPJUG Kansai is eXtreme Programing Users Group in western of Japan). He is a Microsoft MVP for ALM from 2013 and CSP from 2015.

About the conference

Agile Tour Singapore 2015 is a two-day technology and business conference for managers, executives, developers, coaches and consultants who want to collaborate and learn from local agile practitioners about Agile experiences in Singapore and the region. You will find the finest knowledge, resources and people at Agile Tour Singapore 2015.

Recorded at:

Mar 29, 2016